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5 Ways Companies Can Support Women’s Inclusion in Labour Markets

The pandemic is damaging the progress towards gender equality at work. According to the World Economic Forum’s (2021) Global Gender Gap Report, 5% of employed women lost their job compared to 3.9% of men, and less women were hired into executive or senior roles in 2020 as Broom (2021) clarifies. Through my experience as the…

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3 Reasons to Value the Power of Alignment When Hiring

There’s a moment that takes place within every hiring manager’s career: the moment they realize there are more positions to fill than they have employees. The panic. The stress. The expectation of doing their job well. Managing deadlines, and performance, and tasks.  You may be staring at a blank schedule or lengthy project list or…

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How Human-Centric Leadership Made Chiara Ferragni A Successful Businesswoman

Some people know her as The Blonde Salad, others, as one of the most powerful public figures of today’s fashion world. I personally know Chiara Ferragni as the perfect example of a successful female entrepreneur, and as a leader who is not afraid to be human. In reflection of this year’s Women’s History activism, for…

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3 Steps to Boosting Employee Engagement on Mondays

We have all felt the impact of a long week. Friday arrives and seemingly everyone is awaiting the end of the day with more excitement than is ever brought to the arrival of Monday. You begin hearing statements such as ‘Do you have plans for the weekend?’ or ‘Thank God it’s Friday!’ Looking forward to the weekend…

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5 Essential Personal Development Tactics We Should Do Every Day to Drive Our Careers

Our lives have increasingly become more fast paced than ever before, with our personal and professional calendars being heavily blocked out for days, weeks and even at times, months in advance.  Whilst we continue to tackle each day as it comes, there are several strategies which can be implemented to make our journey more effective,…

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Why It’s Time for More Employer Branding in “Developing” Countries

Employer brand represents an organization’s reputation as a place to work. It’s based on an Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which is the sum of offerings the organization can provide in return for the skills of the talent it employs. Once an organization’s employer brand is established, traditional branding and marketing activities then follow to ensure…

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7 Great Open Access Research Databases For HR Professionals

Have you ever wondered how you can stay up to date with the latest advancements in Human Resources Management and other related fields without going back to University? It’s easy to believe that listening to an influencer or simply relying on our own work experiences will give us enough knowledge to stay up to date.…

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UNLOCK(ED): The Talent-Sprint’s Podcast Episode on A Human-Centric World of Work

It’s been a full year since the COVID-19 pandemic started impacting the world of work, and from a distance, we have observed how it has taken both the best and the worst out of many HR leaders & businesses. At The Humans of HR, we choose to focus on the positives, and educate others to…

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Q&A With Antoinet Van Dalen On How HR Departments Can Support Women’s Day

As everyone into the topic of Gender Equality knows, March 8th 2021 is Women’s Day. This annual event is dedicated to spreading awareness about gender equality and women’s rights around the globe, and as every Human of HR knows, it’s a great day to reflect on the issues women have faced throughout history in the world of work.

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5 Tips For Finding And Hiring The Right People For Your Business (The First Time)

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. After a recent “feel good” success story filling a new, key role for their growing operation, one of my clients was feeling pretty “lucky” about finding their first Client Success Manager. This candidate checks all the boxes: he’s got the skills and experience we were seeking to…

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Fireside talks to The Humans of HR’s Founder on the importance of Digital Entrepreneurship

Fireside, a startup dedicated to promoting gender balance in european workplaces, recently interviewed The Humans of HR’s Founder, Rossina Gitto, on her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and on the importance of Digital Entrepreneurship in times of COVID-19. Interested in learning more? Click on the following link to access the interview on Fireside’s website:

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Gender Diverse Hiring Practices: closing the gap between companies & candidates

Through my experience as a founder of a solutions-based platform for workplace gender balance in the tech sector, I regularly speak with companies about their challenge to hire more women. I work to solve the challenges that arise when hiring women in positions where they are underrepresented at one hand, and more specifically, with female…

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Women, Work, and COVID-19: Why We Need To Rely On Sisterhood More Than Ever

2020 has been a year unlike any other. While the impact of the COVID-19 crisis is horizontal in a certain way (United Nations, 2020), as it affects the worldwide population from an economic, social and political aspect, it’s abundantly clear that it hits each one of us differently. The impact of Covid-19 turns out to be…

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A Human-Centric Workplace Reading List By The Humans of HR

It’s the end of the year, a hectic one to say the least, and The Humans of HR, including myself, couldn’t think of a better time to sit down and relax with a new inspirational and/or educational human-centric workplace book. For that reason, I have built a list of different resources for our readers, where…

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4 Things You Should Know Before Becoming An Expat

Moving abroad for work can be a great career move, but those that have been on an international assignment before know that the expat life is not as easy or luxurious as it looks on the outside.   My first job in HR was in International Mobility, but that’s not where I gained my knowledge…

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Increasing Your Employee Engagement With Gamification

Interested in the Future of Work? I had the amazing opportunity to study International HR Management at the CIFFOP, a training center for HR Professionals from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas and also be part of their Future of Work Week 2019, where I was assigned the mission of becoming an expert in gamification…

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Why Your Company Should Embrace Organizational Change: The Case of Patagonia

If there’s something the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world, it’s that very small things, as small as a virus, can create big changes and make a huge impact. Change can be difficult, stressful, and overwhelming, but it’s inevitable and both leaders and teams of organizations need to develop specific skills to manage it. Although organizational…

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10 Ways HR Professionals Can Help Protect Employee Mental Health

Last year, I presented a Human Resources research project on wellbeing in the future of work and its impact on the HR function. When I reflected on the fact that this topic would gain importance in the future of work, and for the HR function in particular, I never would have imagined that “the future” was only…

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