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We’re on a mission to create an original, female-led and human-centric themed International HR & Business Online Magazine.

Let’s humanize the world of work together.

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At The Humans of HR, we noticed that none of the HR & Business magazines out there intentionally started off with an international focus, at least not a human-centric one. We have also observed that many of the media outlets that are popular for publishing Human Resources related content do not address human-centric workplace issues to a sufficient extent, and are strongly lacking a diverse perspective that is of importance in a globalised business world. The Humans of HR is on a mission to change that.

For 2021, we have set a big goal: to scale our female-led and human-centric themed International HR & Business Online Magazine and make it the most popular media outlet for professionals that are passionate about humanizing the world of work. But to do that, we’re going to need some help from guest contributors.

Contributor Q&A

a) What is a contributor?

At The Humans of HR, a contributor is a person that creates and/or shares written content for our readers.

b) Who can become a contributor?

We are currently seeking international contributing writers from HR, Business, Psychology & other related fields.

We have a preference for accepting contributions from writers with a professional background in the fields stated above, but we are open to accepting content from other professionals interested in these topics as well as students that are reaching the end of their studies.

We embrace diversity and want people of all ages to be able to relate to our human-centric publication.

c) What kind of article topics is The Humans of HR interested in posting?

If you have been following us, you know we’re all about humanizing the world of work, and that our content revolves around human centricity. What we are most interested in posting is topics such as the following:

Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing at Work, Employee Engagement, Human-Centred Leadership, Learning & Development, Personal Development, Business Ethics, Career Coaching, Mentoring and Corporate Social Responsibility, amongst others. Since we believe Entrepreneurship is one of the key solutions to many of the working world’s problems, we are also interested in contributions related to this particular topic.

d) Are there any writing rules?

If you decide to become a contributor, we will send you our writing guidelines, as there are certain quality standards that need to be followed in order to get published. Our guidelines cover the type of citation that should be used in addition to other general rules.

At The Humans of HR, we are proud to comply with the highest standards of scientific writing in social sciences and share the most relevant high-quality content with our readers.

e) How do contributions work?

Contributions can be made on a one-time, intermittent or regular basis.

f) What do contributors get in return for their content?

The Humans of HR is currently being read in over 90 countries. We offer exposure of your professional profile or business, and an opportunity to network internationally. Whether your objective is to work on your personal brand, your business brand, or your company’s employer brand, publishing at The Humans of HR has its benefits. Although we cannot guarantee a specific reach for your content, we do our best to spread the word and post it on all our social media channels. After all, our purpose is to inspire others to humanize the world of work – and we need people to find your content in order to achieve that goal.

g) What languages is The Humans of HR posting content in?

We are currently posting content in English & Spanish. We may start posting content in French later on in 2021.

h) What type of content does The Humans of HR post?

At The Humans of HR, there are three different types of content:

  • Inspirational Content.
  • Educational Content.
  • Advertorial Content.
i) Can companies post promotional content at The Humans of HR?

Yes. We are currently accepting and creating promotional content from scratch for companies & individuals. In contrast to our inspirational & educational content posted by subject matter experts, this kind falls under our advertorial category. It must comply with our guidelines and with our human-centric theme, just like any other published piece.

j) What do candidates need to do to become contributors?

If you are interested in guest posting, you can send us a message using the application form below. If you know someone that might be interested in guest posting other than yourself, spread the word.

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Let’s humanize the world of work together.

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