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About Our International HR, Employment, & Business Online Magazine

At The Humans of HR, we share high-quality content on HR, Employment, & Business topics with our readers in over 140 countries. What makes our publication different? A human-centric theme, a diverse perspective, and a science-oriented approach on an open-access platform.

We believe that there are talented professionals with great knowledge all over the world, that cross-national expertise sharing is important, and that people of every background should have access to quality educational material. We are committed to elevating the work of a diverse body of professionals and the global scientific community.

While most educational media outlets are highly exclusive, we have decided to be fully inclusive. In an attempt to keep our content open and available to our global audience, we’re always accepting Guest Contributions from professionals that feel aligned with our values, our ambition to provide high-quality educational content to learners all over the planet, and our mission to humanize the world of work.

Contributor Q&A

a) What is a Guest Contributor?

At The Humans of HR, a Guest Contributor is a person that creates and shares professional written content for our readers on a voluntary basis.

b) Who can become a Guest Contributor?

We’re currently seeking contributing writers worldwide. To become a contributing writer, you must have a background in HR, Employment, Business, Work Psychology, or other closely related fields.

c) What kind of article topics is The Humans of HR interested in posting?

If you have been following us, you know we’re all about human centricity. We accept articles on HR, Employment, and Business topics that reflect our human-centric vision.

d) Are there any writing rules?

There are certain quality standards that our writers need to respect in order to get published. Our writing guidelines cover the type of citation that should be used, in addition to other general rules. Once your profile is pre-approved to join our team of contributors, you will receive our guidelines. We strive to publish only the most relevant, high-quality, and science-oriented writing pieces with our readers.

e) How do contributions work?

Contributions can be made on a one-time, intermittent or regular basis. It is up to each individual to decide how often to post.

f) What do contributors get in return for their content?

The Humans of HR is currently being read in over 140 countries. We offer international exposure of your professional profile and/or business, as well as the chance to get featured as one of our contributors when publishing a non-advertorial piece.

Whether your objective is to work on your personal brand, your business brand, or your company’s employer brand, publishing at The Humans of HR has its benefits. Although we cannot guarantee a highly specific reach for your content, we do our best to spread the word. After all, our purpose is to inspire others to humanize the world of work – and we need people to find your content in order to achieve that goal.

g) Which languages is The Humans of HR posting content in?

We are currently posting content in English & Spanish. We may start posting content in other languages in the future.

h) What type of content does The Humans of HR post?

At The Humans of HR, we post three different types of content:

  • Inspirational Content.
  • Educational Content.
  • Advertorial Content.
i) Can companies post promotional content at The Humans of HR?

Yes. If you’re interested in this content service, please get in touch so we can discuss your request.

*In contrast to our inspirational & educational content, this kind falls under our advertorial category. It must comply with our guidelines and with our human-centric theme, just like any other published piece. Due to the nature of the content, it will have an associated cost and the author or interviewee will not be featured as a Guest Contributor at The Humans of HR. 

j) What do candidates need to do to become contributors?

If you are interested in publishing content, you can send us your application using the form below. If you know someone that might be interested in guest posting other than yourself, spread the word.

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