Our Contributors

Rossina Gitto | Founder & Contributor

Rossina Gitto is the Founder and creative force behind The Humans of HR. She’s a Licensed Psychologist specialized in workplace dynamics and holds a Master’s Degree in International Human Resources Management from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas. Having lived, studied, and worked in 8 different countries across Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East, she brings a unique global perspective to People Management. She contributes, edits, and publishes diverse content across a broad spectrum of topics for The Humans of HR.

Tomás Rodríguez | Contributor

Tomás Rodríguez is a Lawyer who has augmented his legal acumen with a Master’s Degree in People Management in Organizations from the University of Navarra-Madrid. Presently, he thrives in the dynamic domain of People Experience, a sphere to which he has devoted his expertise over recent years. His journey underscores a seamless blend of legal proficiency and a profound understanding of human dynamics, culminating in his dedicated efforts to shape and enhance the holistic experience of individuals within organizational realms. He has contributed content on Employer Branding topics for The Humans of HR.

Antoinet Van Dalen | Contributor

Antoinet Van Dalen is the Founder of Fireside, a dynamic platform driving solutions for gender balance within European workplaces. Her unwavering commitment to workplace Diversity & Inclusion fuels her role as a dedicated activist who relentlessly advocates for positive change. In addition to her work with Fireside, Antoinet is a Customer Success Manager within the HR technology industry, where she leverages her expertise to shape meaningful experiences for clients. She has contributed content on Diversity & Inclusion topics for The Humans of HR.

Abdulbaqi Adebayo | Contributor

Abdulbaqi Adebayo holds a Degree in Counselling Psychology from Lagos State University and is the Founder of FCL, a human-centric platform committed to empowering young African talents. Through a comprehensive blend of quality education, strategic funding, and proper guidance, Abdulbaqi’s mission propels these individuals towards achieving greatness. In his spare time, he loves to read, listen to the radio, and travel. He has contributed content on Employee Performance & Productivity topics for The Humans of HR.

Lisa Vannuccini | Contributor

Lisa Vannuccini is a dedicated Educator who has estabilshed her expertise in the sphere of Learning & Development. With a Master’s Degree in International Human Resources Management from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, her academic foundation serves as a cornerstone of her pursuit to empower individuals through education. Lisa blends her academic knowledge with practical insights, striving to nurture and unleash the full potential of learners. She has contributed content on Diversity & Inclusion topics for The Humans of HR.

Mitch Gray | Contributor

Mitch Gray has combined over two decades of experience as a former pastor, life coach, entrepreneur, community developer, and creator to develop a brand of leadership that is at its deepest level – human. As a Leadership and Personal Development Coach, Mitch takes his heart for inspiring others and his passion for empowering leaders to create the space needed for considering a new way of leading. He has contributed content on Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement topics for The Humans of HR.

Lisa Marie Lee | Contributor

Dr. Lisa Marie Lee is the Founder and Lead People, Culture, and Operations Solutions at Linked Results, LLC. She helps businesses maximize performance by leveraging the employee experience. While first developing her career in the United States Navy, she discovered her passion for solving workplace issues. A lover of knowledge, Dr. Lee earned her undergraduate and MBA degrees from American InterContinental University and continued her educational journey to earn her Ph.D. in Education, specializing in Training and Performance Improvement, from Capella University. She is a lifelong learner and continues to further her knowledge and expertise in the field to revolutionize the way businesses optimize performance by earning employee trust, enhancing wellbeing, and strengthening collaborative operations. She has contributed content on Organizational Change and Wellbeing topics for The Humans of HR.

Neel Bhatt | Contributor

Neel Bhatt MFRPI MRPharmS, is the Founder of The Dynamic Mind, a platform hosting personal and professional development content all held under the core principle of mindfulness practice. He is a UK registered Pharmacist practicing within the Pharmaceutical Industry and has a passion for development, digital healthcare and daily integration of mindfulness practice. He has contributed content on Personal Development topics for The Humans of HR.

Neha Yadav | Contributor

Neha Yadav is a Learning & Development Consultant with a passion for fostering growth and innovation across diverse industries, including hospitality, retail, education, and agro. She runs comprehensive programs that encompass professional development, well-being, and workplace engagement, among other topics. Neha has also developed her expertise in designing and executing large-scale talent development strategies and leading high-performing teams. Her advocacy for learner-centricity and lifelong learning empowers talented individuals to take control of their futures. She has contributed content on Employee Wellbeing & Workforce Management topics for The Humans of HR.

Adam Raelson | Contributor

Adam Raelson is the Founder of Inspiring Employers and has been working with major companies for the past 10 years, bringing expertise in HR, global shared services, communications, talent acquisition, and employer branding. Having lived, studied, and worked in several countries, he is passionate about working in international environments to cultivate progress, especially in some of the world’s most emerging markets. He has contributed content on Employer Branding topics for The Humans of HR.

Emily Martin | Contributor

Emily Martin is the Founder of Ally HR Partners LLC, a New York based HR consulting firm that helps small businesses identify and implement custom solutions to their people problems and opportunities. Throughout over 10 years of experience working with leaders, managers, and owners across industries, sizes, and circumstances, one factor has consistently shown to be a universal game-changer: the people. Emily has made it her passion to help businesses realize and address opportunities that exist within their workforce. She has contributed content on Talent Acquisition topics for The Humans of HR.