Effective Date: August 20th, 2020.

Last Updated: September 15th, 2022.

As almost every website, this site uses cookie technology.

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Usage of Cookies at The Humans of HR
We use cookies on our site to ensure we provide you with the best experience, make future improvements, display targeted advertising tailored to your interests and analyze website traffic. Each time you access the site, you will be asked to provide your consent to our use of cookies and to the processing of your data by third parties and us.

Definition of a Cookie
A cookie is a type of digital tag that comes in the form of a text file, often encrypted, and is stored on your browser.

Cookies are created when a user’s browser loads a given website: the site sends information to the browser, which then creates a text file. Each time the user returns to the same site, the browser retrieves this file and sends it to the website server. The website can therefore detect that it has already been opened using this browser.

A cookie will usually contain the name of the domain from which the cookie has come from, the “lifetime” of the cookie, and a value, usually a randomly generated unique number. A “session” cookie is deleted when you close your web browser. Some cookies are extremely useful as they improve your user experience when you visit a website that you have already visited before. This assumes that you are using the same device and browser as before and if this is the case, the cookies will remember your preferences.

We only use cookies to follow you anonymously on our website, and to give you a more personalized web experience.

Strictly Necessary Cookies
Some cookies are necessary for the website to function properly and cannot be switched off by The Humans of HR. They are only set in response to actions made by you such as setting your privacy preferences. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the site will not then work. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information. Necessary cookies cannot be disabled via the features of this website.

You can, however, disable cookies in your browser at any time.

Website Performance
There are cookies that are not essential for the use of this website but provide visitors with essential features. Without non-essential cookies, access to certain features that improve the ease of browsing, such as choice of language and pre-filled forms is no longer possible. Additionally, we will no longer be able to propose personalized offers.

Third Party Cookies
The Humans of HR’s website might have integrated content that belongs to third parties. An example is the integration of Instagram posts. These third-party providers may be notified of your visit to said site and deposit cookies. Please check third-party provider websites for more information on their cookie policy.

Types of Cookies
Several types of cookies with different purposes can be identified:

  • Technical: Technical cookies are used throughout your browsing experience to facilitate it and perform certain functions. For example, a technical cookie can be used to store the answers provided in a form or the user’s preferences regarding the language or presentation of a website, when such options are available.
  • Audience measurement: Audience measurement cookies are used to measure the audience of the content viewed in order to allow the evaluation of published content and assess the effectiveness of editorial choices.
  • Social networks: Cookies that are placed via social network buttons are intended to allow site users to facilitate content sharing and improve usability.
  • Videos: Cookies placed via video sharing services are intended to allow the user to view the multi-media content directly on the site.
  • Targeted advertising: These cookies record visits, pages viewed and links followed by the user. Advertising cookies can be created not only by the website on which the user navigates, but also by other websites displaying ads, announcements, widgets or other material on the page being displayed. Such cookies may in particular be used to carry out targeted advertising, i.e. advertising determined according to the user’s browsing history.

Duration of Cookies
The cookies and tracking devices used do not have a lifetime of more than thirteen months and this duration is not automatically extended during new visits. The information collected through the tracking devices is stored for a maximum period of twenty-five months.

Enabling & Disabling Cookies
If you refuse consent to the use of cookies, or if you would like to revoke your consent, you may only benefit from website features that do not require such cookies. Certain sections of our website that incorporate content from third parties will not be offered. If you do not wish to accept cookies at all, you can also configure this option in your browser.

For additional information on our Cookie Policy, please reach out to us at the following email address: