The Professional Online Portfolio Program

For Job Seekers

The Professional Online Portfolio Program, or “POP” program, which was created to help professionals stand out, allows internal and external job seekers to showcase their full potential to employers & future clients through an online career portfolio. In parallel, it helps employers identify candidates’ real talent through samples of their work, instead of though limiting, non-practical Curriculum Vitaes.

While CV’s are great, there is nothing that can give a hiring team better evidence of a candidate being a perfect match for a job than having an online platform with samples of their work available. That’s why The Humans of HR has designed a special 100% action-oriented program to help job seekers create their own online platform. The POP Program does not only offer guidance on how to create a POP, but also encourages candidates to learn new skills and teaches them how to network to get their name out there through content creation. For a period of 3 months, participants will be guided & mentored throughout the creation of their POP.

What will you learn about in the initial course?
Why Having A Professional Portfolio Is Important
How To Create An Online Portfolio

Digital Creative Tools To Build Your POP
Optimizing Your POP Curriculum Vitae
How To Create Original Content For Your POP
Digital Learning To Sharpen Your Skills
How To Network With Experts In Your Field

After taking the initial course, you will be prepared to start creating your portfolio, learn new skills, and network, which will have long-lasting benefits for the rest of your career.

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-The Humans of HR

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The Professional Online Portfolio Program

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Online Course + Mentoring.

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