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Let’s humanize the world of work together.

The Humans of HR is a Digital Social Enterprise that was created to help employers & employees build human-centred world of work.

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At The Humans of HR, we share high quality International Human Resources & Business content for our readers in over 90 countries. What makes our publication different? A human-centric theme, a diverse perspective, and a science-oriented approach.

We believe that there are talented HR & Business professionals all over the world, that cross-national knowledge sharing is important, and that people of every background should have access to quality educational material. We are committed to elevating the work of a diverse body of professionals and the global scientific community.

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• The Professional Online Portfolio Program •
For Personal Branding

The POP program was created to help professionals brand themselves and stand out while searching for new opportunities. Through our mentoring & coaching program, participants are encouraged to proactively build their personal brand & are taught to network in the digital world, all while developing numerous digital skills. This program aspires to help individuals take advantage of digitalisation to build human connections, with long-lasting benefits for their professional lives.

Available in English | Disponible en Español

• The Empowering Women Program •
For Digital Entrepreneurs

The Empowering Women Program was created to help women build their own jobs or digitalise their existing businesses through Digital Entrepreneurship. Through our mentoring & coaching program, participants are upskilled and reskilled to succeed in a digital world of work. The program aims to resolve issues related to gender inequality, lack of opportunities & employability.

Available in English | Disponible en Español

The way companies support and treat their own workforce is often times overlooked, but key to Corporate Social Responsibility. Through our social campaigns, we’re helping professionals from the HR & Business world reflect on people-centric topics that affect individuals in workplaces.

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